Hidden City Fitness Services

At Hidden City Fitness we offer a variety of services that will challenge you and aid you in achieving whatever fitness goals you have.


Our classes are structured by our award-winning staff of professional trainers and coaches who have over a lifetime of combined experience working in the health and fitness industry. Each class has a different focus and attracts a large variety of attendees with differing fitness levels and goals.

Personal Training

Personal Training at Hidden City Fitness is a step above what you might find elsewhere. Our trainers push their clients to discover new levels of strength and perseverance buried deep within themselves. Just bring your water bottle and a positive mindset.


Hdden City Fitness offers a variety of membership options for its different members. The tiers are structured to help people achieve their fitness goals whether they are the busy office executive, a professional body-builder training for a competition or an actor wanting to get in shape for an upcoming role.


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Monday - Friday: 7am - 8pm
Saturday + Sunday: 8am - 4pm