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Nico De Feo

Nico De Feo is a coach with 15 years in the health and fitness industry. Nico possesses a profound understanding of the human body and its movements, but truly believes that understanding a client’s mindset is as important to success as understanding their capabilities.

Nico employes a Fit for Purpose Training System. This is a guided one-on-one physical activity used to achieve heightened self-awareness while at the same time adding functional body kinetics to better understand how proper body mechanics benefit overall efficiency and body productivity.

Having struggled with weight issues early in life, Nico approaches training with a mixture of empathy, humility and a sense of humour. His drive and passion for fitness make him an excellent guide for anyone on any part of their fitness journey.

Revamped Fitness

Revamped fitness runs a weekly set of open registration classes for our members focusing on functional and dynamic exercises meant to challenge anyone no matter their current physical condition. Good for beginners and veterans alike the classes are welcoming and a great way to meet other members of the HCF community.

Revamped will also offer one-on-one personal training sessions for clients who are striving for perfection. Drawing from the exercises in group classes, personal training will focus on form and proper technique and get you in shape/build confidence to get you into the large group classes.

Revamped also can accomadate private small group classes if you and a friend want to set some squad goals. Contact to learn more.

Kurtis Josephs

Kurtis Josephs has a kickboxing and fitness background. He has been training Martial Arts for over six years. Not only does he have a true passion for living a healthy lifestyle, he enjoys motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle too.

With two options one being private cardio kickboxing to clean up your technique and still get a workout in. The other option being a small kickboxing conditioning group class with a good mix of kickboxing workouts and HITT cardio. Caters to all levels of fitness and tailors workouts to your skill level.

Katerina Eden

Katerina is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as a graduate from Infofit Vancouver and an Agatsu certified Kettlebell instructor. As a passionate and avid exerciser with over five years of gym experience, she is fully prepared to work alongside you toward complete wellness through fitness.

Katerina’s passion for fitness began in the gym and built outward to hiking, running and a simple desire to keep moving! As a girl who lacked the coordination to play sports (or walk too far without tripping), Katrina has spent her fitness career learning to utilize specific movement patterns and lifts to gain better spatial awareness and overall stability. Whether your goals are health, correctional or aesthetically driven, Katrina is well equipped with skills to make your journey seamless. She believes in teamwork and can be counted on to be there to support you throughout the process and always available for guidance and direction.

Having used fitness as a tool to better her mental and physical well-being, she is eager to help her clients along the path to health - in every aspect.

Jewel Allan

Jewel is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for health and body wellness. She uses her extensive dance background and knowledge of the human anatomy to help clients find a connection with their bodies.

She is a former BC Lions cheerleader with over 10 years experience as a competitive dancer specializing in jazz and lyrical dance.

At the gym you can usually find her at the squat rack. On a good day she can squat just north of 200 lbs. With the love of lifting heavy weights comes the necessity for rest and rehabilitation. Stretching is a main component of living a balanced active life


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